Services & Rates

Oh, My Aching Neck

30 minutes: $44
45 minutes: $64

Migraines, Whiplash, sitting at a desk and driving all day can wreak havoc on the neck. This service allows the therapist to localize treatment to the head, neck, back and arms. 

Oh, My Aching Feet

30 minutes: $54
45 minutes: $74

Relax in an arm chair while your arms, hands, lower legs and feet get pampered. 

Caring for Clients with Cancer

60 minutes: $84
75 minutes: $99
90 minutes: $114

A skilled therapist will combine a thorough intake process with sound clinical judgment and clear communication about what to expect in the session. They will adapt the massage to your needs and requests, fashioning a hands-on session that relaxes, energizes and reduces pain and discomfort.

Standard Care

60 minutes: $84
75 minutes: $99
90 minutes: $114

I don't have a history of cancer, but I could use some pain relief. This selection is for the folks with no history of cancer and would like a longer session than offered with Oh, My Aching Neck or Back.


Pre - Pay Program:

Pay for multiple appointments at one time for a discounted rate! Come in at a later date knowing your appointment is already paid.  

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